Timeline Photos

Ansel Adams Selfie (1930)

Timeline Photos

Martin Scorsese, Albert Brooks and Cybill Sheperd on set of Taxi Drivar (1976)

Portraits of Playboy Bunnies Many Years Later

These head­shots, taken at the For­mer Play­boy Bunny Reunion in Las Vegas, are the result of my inter­est in the women of Play­boy and where they are now. The tight frame and non-retouched images all …

Noriko Yabu’s Remarkable Underwater Nude Self Portraits (NSFW)
Sahara Borja, featureshoot.com

Of the classical elements, water is perhaps the one associated with its intuitive, creative, and emotional qualities. It is no surprise, then, that water was the well from which Japanese photographer Noriko Yabu’s series Suisou sprang. For…


Isfahan , Iran


I met this lady in a small rural Iranian village. She had a degree but had moved from the city to live here. We chatted for awhile (she was the only english speaking person I had met in this town) and after awhile she invited me into her little crafts shop, not to sell me anything, just to chat. She was lovely and she reminded me of my mum…

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